Ubuntu Membership via Forums participation

The Ubuntu Forums Council is pleased to continue the availability of Ubuntu Membership in recognition of Forums participation.

Benefits of Ubuntu membership include:

  1. Voting privileges to confirm Ubuntu Community Council nominations.
  2. An @ubuntu.com email alias that forwards to your real email address.
  3. An ”Ubuntu/member/your_nick” cloak on freenode.
  4. The right to print business cards with the Ubuntu logo.
  5. Syndication on Planet Ubuntu of your Ubuntu blog or the Ubuntu category posts in your blog, if you have one.
  6. An Ubuntu Member title at the Ubuntu Forums.
  7. A subscription to Linux Weekly News.
  8. Ability to join the Official Ubuntu Members group on LinkedIn.
  9. Signing up for SixXS account with an Ubuntu email address and a link to your Launchpad page will grant you an “Ubuntu Credit Bonus” of 25 credit points.
  10. SFTP access to a Web-accessible directory on people.ubuntu.com .

See The Ubuntu Wiki Membership page for details regarding the benefits of Ubuntu Membership.

In addition, we will almost certainly be selecting future forums staff from among Ubuntu Members active on the forums.

How to petition for membership:

  1. Create a wiki page.
  2. Create a Launchpad page. Although not mandatory, many people use the same identity/nick on Launchpad and on the forums.
  3. Sign the Ubuntu code of conduct. This has traditionally been one of the more difficult steps. FYI: A bug has been opened on Launchpad to make the process easier in the future.
  4. Create a thread in the Ubuntu Membership Applications section requesting a review of your application. Be sure to emphasize your forums contributions and include a link to your wiki and launchpad pages.
  5. Testimonials from friends may be posted on the thread you start on the above forums (preferable) or on your wiki page.

There is a “sticky” note in those forums Applying For Ubuntu Membership via Ubuntu Forums Contributions with a template for applications as well as some general advice on how to apply.

For additional information see Ubuntu Membership via Forums participation .

Current members are listed on Launchpad at: Ubuntu Forums Members .

If you are currently an Ubuntu member and would like to be added to the Launchpad team or if you need recognition on the forums feel free to send me a PM on the Ubuntu Forums with a link to your launchpad page.

We are moving to a system of open enrollment and we are accepting applications as they come in. Please keep in mind the FC is a volunteer staff thus the review process may take a few weeks.

Once one is approved and Ubuntu email is automatic (takes a few days), but many of the other benefits require a request from the approved individual to the proper team / location as outlined on the The Ubuntu Wiki Membership page.

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